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what we do

SIMMSys are a small team of solely UK-based web designers and developers. We are proud to work for a great variety of clients across different sectors - membership and community sites, professional services, healthcare, tv presenters & musicians, online stores and more.

About Us

Between us we have more years of development experience than we care to remember, but we are still constantly excited by keeping pace with the very latest developments in technology to ensure our clients' sites are as future-proof as possible.

Responsive Web Design

Creating websites that respond to the visitor's device and screen dimensions, from desktops to a more condensed "app-like" appearance for easy use on mobile phones, so every website visitor gets a great experience.

Website Makeovers

We love taking existing content and putting a new twist on it using all the latest scripts and technologies, and refocusing on the client's key selling points, to ensure another makeover won't be needed for many years.

Web & App Development

We develop apps and the workings underneath more complex websites, from appointment booking or auctions through to searchable databases of any size - whatever our clients need we can build.

Systems Automation

We get particularly excited about helping SMEs automate business processes, such as collecting potential customer information, managing appointments, processing data or chasing up sales leads.

SEO & Online Marketing

All of our websites are designed from the start to be highly visible to Google and the other search engines. We also manage Google Adwords pay-per-cick campaigns, link building and social media marketing.

Setup & Ongoing Support

We can advise on and sort out hosting, domains, email setup and even non-web related computing issues such as Windows woes or printer problems. A complete outsourced geek department!

We want to be your outsourced web development team

who we do it for

We like to mix it up. Working with clients in different industries who have different ideas about what they want from their websites and backend systems keeps us on our toes, but has also given us a deep pool of experience to draw on when getting underway with new projects.

We've got a Watchdog TV and BBC radio presenter, celebrated musicians, a headline-grabbing feminist campaigner and journalist, e-commerce stores, professional services, a company that installs large-scale solar parks all over the country... but there is always room in our portfolio for one more!

what we get asked

We get asked a lot of questions, so we thought we would save you some time by putting in the four most common questions we get asked (with our answers too, of course!). If you have a better one, ask us below!

What exactly can you do for us?

As well as all the standard stuff you would expect from a web design team - site and graphic design, page layouts, sourcing suitable stock images and photo manipulation, search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure good results in Google - our speciality is web systems development.

Although that may sound like a rather grandiose and suspiciously corporate-speak term (and we do like thinking outside of the box, by the way), in fact it covers everything that is dynamic about a modern website, from pulling the page content from a database (rather than hand written into the page code) so that it can easily be changed in real time by a client using our custom built Content Management System, to login and private areas for your own clients to upload or download files or access private information, to blogs, search facilities, rolling news, e-commerce functions and integration with social media feeds and so on.

Even if you don't think it sounds like you need much of that, you might be surprised by how much we could help your business or project automate and streamline your day-to-day processes, centred around your website but extending out into many of your offline daily routines too, freeing up more of your time to concentrate on what you are actually in business to do.

And once the site is finished, we are always available by email and phone if you ever have any issues at all - whether that be with the site itself, or related issues such as email setup, adding a domain or new employee to the site, or just computing issues in general like what router you should buy. We are proud of being techies and sharing our geeky knowledge, usually for free to previous clients!

What kind of ongoing support can I expect and what will it cost? What if I have a problem in a week, a month, a year...?

A lot of web developers get the project finished, get it signed off as complete, and that is it. Their name might be stuck at the bottom of the site in the design credits, but they take little or no further interest in it.

Every one of the selection of previous clients we have scrolling up above have come back to us at least once or twice for further advice, upgrades or whole new sites for other businesses. We really do like to think of ourselves as your IT and online marketing department, and we are happy to chat or exchange emails even on subjects not directly related to the website itself. Many of our clients contact us when their email is playing up or a drive got corrupted and they need advice on retrieving the data from it.

For all past clients, this advice is free. As is sorting out issues with hosting, email, new domain setups etc. Very occasionally we need to correct some bug that we overlooked in the testing phase that all our sites go through before going live, but more often than not we are sorting out an issue with a hosting provider or third party software. No matter whose fault it is, we do not charge for this.

We've found, unsurprisingly, that if we keep a dialogue going with our past clients and don't try to charge them for every little thing we continue to win new business. That is our long term growth strategy and we are sticking with it.

Finally, all of our code is clean, clear and well "commented out" (meaning we leave explanatory notes within the code itself). So in the unlikely event we disappear from the face of the Earth, any competant web developer will be able to pick up where we left off.

How are your services priced up? Is it going to cost us a fortune?

We mainly specialise in sites for SMEs, community projects and start-up ventures, and as a small team ourselves we know that any cost needs to be very carefully considered and managed.

Our overheads are very low and we are not in this business to get rich, but for the love of creating exciting things every day for a living. As such, our rates are some of the most competitive in the UK for this level of quality development work. Before you commit to anything at all, we tell you exactly what we will be doing and a breakdown of the costs, usually with various options to keep costs even lower to start off with, with room for expanding some features later.

After that, that budget is fixed, and we keep at it with no extra charge until the client is happy. Then we can be happy too.

Still all sounds a bit vague? Well, to give you an idea typical projects for us usually range from around £2,750 - £15,000 for the entire site and backend system, all set up and ready to go. That said, we have done small projects for less, and big projects for considerably more.

Get in touch with us and we know we can offer you an excellent deal

What does the process involve and how long will it take? I'm busy!

First off we get as much information from you as we can about what you are after. Some clients have a very precise idea of what they want, others want us to bring more of our ideas to the table. If you have an existing website we are redesigning we gather all the content from that and then see what additional bits and pieces you might want to add on.

We then send you a spec document with a complete breakdown and description of the components of the project, both core and optional, and individual pricing so you can see where the budget is allocated. Then, if you're happy, we just get on with it.

You can be as involved as you want, but usually we send updates for your feedback after the initial design ideas, then once the site is fleshed out and finally when the add-on development and special elements, like an appointment booking system for example, are built and we believe the site is ready to go live. Typical projects take 3 - 6 weeks to finish, but we can do "rush jobs" if you need us to and we don't mind working late. As official nerds we have no social lives anyway.

The website design is definitely generating more enquiries ... Needless to say I'll gladly recommend you if asked ... Remember, if you are ever in the Ilford / Romford area call me - I owe you a lunch for a job well done!

Lawrence Park Park & Co Chartered Surveyors

It's absolutely fantastic - it looks so professional! I can't wait to release it to the world! :)

Harriet Eaves - Professional Jazz Singer

Another great job from our web designers, they created the perfect brochure site to a tight timeframe and big specification...

Nick Criado-Perez - CEO, EcotecWorld

Responsive design is...

... essential, these days. Depending on the source you consult, between 25% and 50% of all web traffic is now on mobile phone and tablets, and the figure is increasing rapidly every year. Sites that were designed more than a couple of years ago, or more recently but by a developer with their head in the sand, were often put together with only desktop computer visitors in mind. Although the site may also technically work on a phone, it is too big and users have to constantly zoom in and out to see what is going on, making for a frustrating experience.

The responsive websites we create are designed to have a common style across all devices, but adapt fluidly to all different screen sizes - with nice big app-like menu buttons for mobile phones, then stretching right out on big monitors to make proper use of the space. This guarantees the best visiting experience for your potential clients, meaning they are much more likely to get in touch rather than moving on to one of your competitors.

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contact us

We are always happy to hear from you to have a chat about what you might need. Generally email or the office phone is the best way to start, but one of us always has the on-call mobile 7 days a week if you want to reach us at any time.

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